Testimonials (page 2)

"In my capacity as President of Robert Louis Associates, I struggled to find the perfect fit for our outside sales position. Sean's expertise and unique approach to recruiting helped us in doing just that. Since the addition of our new team member, we have actually increased sales over 30% and have implemented "The 5 Reasons Why People Don't Buy" into our daily selling process."
Bob Podolinski
President of Robert Louis Associates, Pittsburgh PA

" I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sean. Sean is extremely knowledgeable in recruiting top talent, training and motivating to achieve above average results."
Kirk Jones
Service & Maintenance Estimator/Project Manager at Gettle Inc. York, PA

“I have contracted Sean’s training and coaching services for two different companies where we needed to improve the volume and velocity of our sales.  Sean’s knowledge about customer buying behavior is spot-on.  His personalized coaching techniques turned my sales teams from marginal to high-caliber deal closers!  In every one of our markets, sales began to increase exponentially when Sean’s selling principles were applied.  In my 35 years of working, I consider Sean as the “best hire” of my career.”
Jim Newton
Chief Operating Officer, Staging and Design Network, Seattle, WA