Project Manager Training

Relationship Selling for “Project Managers”

“Customers look at you as an estimator. Clients look at you as the “Preferred Source.”  Sean Samson

Upskilling and professional development should never stop, yet one of the most important, overlooked, and under trained people of any company are it’s project managers. It’s an absolute fact. Times have changed, and in today’s fast paced world, patterns of customer behavior have changed. It is now more about connection management, rather than project management. And within these changing tides of business, we need to get as far away from “low bid wins” as possible. So, how do we do that? We transform Customers into Clients.

In reality, the success of any project, relies not just on better adherence to frameworks and methodologies, but the skill to establish and grow relationships. Organic factors, such as credibility, trust and empathy along with the ability to manage change and obtain customer commitment, are the desperately missing pieces of the puzzle to connection management success, and to winning new business.



It’s Time To Win More Business!

Whether or not you know it, your project mangers are selling everyday. They are selling themselves, selling new ideas on products, installation and options, and most importantly, selling your company. The window of opportunity to make ‘believers’ out of apprehensive and apathetic prospects and customers, is a very limited one. In fact, even the most seasoned project managers, have been known to falter due to their inability, to establish the necessary traits needed to close business, and open new doors.

Through years of working with and consulting organizations across the globe, we have developed what we believe to be the key objectives, to our “Relationship Selling for Project Managers” training course. After completing our intensive 2 day training program, we guarantee your team will have the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to create the competitive edge your business has been looking for all along. Upon conclusion, attendees receive a “Certificate Of Achievement” through Sean Samson Training. Contact us today to get started on your pathway to true success.

Connection Management – Program Agenda

  • Recognize the skill sets needed to establish (Credibility, Trust and Empathy)
  • Understanding the 5 reasons why people don’t buy
  • Differences – Top 5 Clients vs. Bottom 5 Customers
  • Develop a structured approach to problem diagnosis utilizing Case Studies
  • Jointly develop a vision of the customer solution
  • Be able to comfortably consult and up-sell additional services and offerings
  • Best practices uncovering Budget and Authority
  • Influencing and Negotiation
  • Industry specific team building exercises and communication


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