GRABB The Book

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Have you found yourself in a sales slump lately, struggling to close business? Look no further for the perfect formula in overcoming objection after objection. Developed by Sean Samson over 10 years ago to future proof his owns sales and business, “The 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy” is a proven system and methodology bringing you back to the fundamentals of sales with a reminder of how critical relationship selling truly is.

As you read through the book, you’ll discover that no matter what it is you’re selling, or where you’re selling, the objections are the same. In this exciting new book, Sean shares with you in detail how he took a simple idea and turned it into the global brand GRABBIT. He also takes you through real life experiences while coaching and training in over 12 countries, bringing you face to face with prospects and customers that are programmed to say no. Sean personally coaches you through each objection, reminding you how easy it really is to close 70%, 80% or even 90% of all new business.

Sean is also the creator of “Blueberry Leadership” which concentrates on the cultivation of synergistic teams, and leaders through 4 key components starting with Development, Expectation Setting, Selection and Motivation. “Blueberry Leadership” is set for release third quarter of 2018.




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