Electrical & Mechanical

Business interruption and breakdowns cost companies millions of dollars each year. Insurance companies around the globe, have actually reduced premiums and/or deductibles for clients that have an electrical or mechanical maintenance program in place.


As a former senior level executive for the ABM Franchising Group, Sean has worked with contractors across the globe helping them develop the maintenance, sales, and service side of their business through a proven process.  Sean’s book “The 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy”, is universal and can be applied to any organization or selling system. It’s methodology was based off of Sean’s personal experience in the contracting, and sales and service arena. Before being recruited by TEGG Corporation in 2007, Sean was the only senior level executive, who actually made his prior living selling maintenance and project work with a local contractor franchisee.

Recession Resistant Options

Whether you are an Electrical or Mechanical company currently in a franchise agreement, or thinking of buying into a franchise model, that may take years to receive a return on investment, schedule a meeting with Sean Samson Training today. Remember, that a new approach equals new revenues. If you’re not looking at the changing market, you are limiting your potential business and project options as well as your future profits.

If you have heard about Sean Samson Training, and are wondering what the benefits might be for your business, here are a few good reasons for using our proven service.

  • A proven turnkey system
  • No Franchise Fees
  • Leverage multi-year maintenance agreements and generate a recurring revenue stream of 2 million dollars or more within 2 to 4 years
  • For every maintenance dollar sold receive an average return of 4 to 1 or more on repairs and pull-through projects
  • Average gross margins of 40% to 60%
  • No more relying on the economy and bid and spec work
  • Develop a sales culture within your organization
  • Cross sell your existing customer base while adding an average of 30 to 50 new Clients per year
  • Grow your business 30% to 120% over the next 12 months
  • Recruiting services available for all positions
  • Onsite Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance Sales Training
  • Learn to leverage OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements with any vertical market
  • Be able to consult immediately on the “6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy”
  • Offer NFPA 70E Training Classes on the NEW 2018 Standard at an average of $450.00 per person
  • Small Project Sales Training (Lighting Retrofits, Infrared Windows, Power Quality, and more)
  • Marketing, design and IT assistance (company brochures, line cards, websites, sales materials, etc.)

Technician Training – Provided by IRISS


 Level I – Infrared Electrical Certification Course- This 3-day course will give the participant an understanding of basic infrared camera setup using any camera brand and model, an understanding of the fundamentals of infrared, thermography, heat transfer, electrical applications and understanding software and reporting using any brand of camera.



 The Level I – Ultrasound Course – This 3-day course is one of the most comprehensive Ultrasound training ever held in which participants will learn both the theory and practical ultrasound data collection techniques in multiple applications. Topics include: Theory of Ultrasound, identifying types of leakage in pressure and vacuum systems (steam traps, valves and heat exchangers), Mechanical inspection in bearings, motors and gears as well as cavitation in pumps etc., and How to conduct electrical inspection including arcing and tracking in switchgear, transformers other distribution equipment. In addition, detection of corona in medium and high voltage substation equipment.


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