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“Anytime you miss an opportunity to improve the performance of your team that lack of training shows up somewhere usually in front of the customer”.  

Sean Samson


How much money will your company invest over the next 12 months, to train their people to handle every opportunity that comes their way? Whether your interest is in our exclusive sales training, management training, project manager training, or leadership development, Sean Samson has designed the programs that will absolutely exceed your expectations. All of our training involves hands-on, interactive sessions that develop skills, contain collaborative discussions and incorporate interactive methods and strategies to learn and implement all course curriculum tips and techniques. Sean Samson Training go’s beyond business theory, offering real-world knowledge and experiences with perspective that can be implemented immediately for positive, tangible results that your team will remember and most importantly be able to use. It’s time you learn from a guy that actually did it.

Please complete the form below with your areas of interest. Sean will personally contact you, to develop an agenda that will get your organization energized, inspired and on track. Give your team the championship level training you have been looking for today. Be the “Preferred Source”

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  • Fees do not include Air, Hotel & Rental Car if necessary.
  • 20% discount if event is held within 150 miles of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Cancellations require a 60 day written notice. If less than 60 days, 50% of the quoted fee and expenses will be owed to Sean Samson Training, LTD.

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