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For companies looking to incorporate new training options, the advantages of onsite or face to face coaching and instruction could never outweigh those of online learning. However, we understand that safety and efficiency are extremely important to businesses today, as many organizations shift to virtual training solutions and webinars.

That’s why at Sean Samson Training we’re here to help companies navigate through these changing times, with rapid delivery of our customized training modules through our live instructor-led sessions, making all of our training available in a virtual setting. Whether onsite, or online you can be sure that your team will receive the best industry specific training available today.

Learning is a complex phenomenon, and at Sean Samson Training results absolutely matter. When determining the effectiveness and success of our training, we utilize the power of online assessments which facilitates quick and clear reports on candidate results and progress in real-time, collecting the necessary statistics and valuations for each individual, and individual training module. Once the post-training evaluation and assessment is complete and data has been attained, we share those results with you giving both our clients and Sean Samson Training an immediate opportunity to make instantaneous adjustments, making sure all participants are meeting the stated outcomes and goals.

Please complete the form below with your areas of interest. We will personally contact you to develop an agenda that will get your organization energized, inspired and on track using our proven system. Make the decision today, and give your team the championship level confidence, and training they deserve with Sean Samson Training. It’s time you learn from a guy that actually did it.


Driving revenue and developing top performers, while creating a culture of synergistic leaders is what we do. Let us help you future-proof your business today, let us help you become “The Preferred Source”.

  • Coaching/Training/Consulting/Speaking (per day) $3,000.00
  • Sales Summit 2 Day Seminar: $5,500.00 (Designed for reps who want to outperform their peers and crush their quota)
  • Fees do not include Air, Hotel & Rental Car if necessary. International travel rates may very.
  • 10% discount if event is held within 150 miles of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Cancellations require a 60 day written notice. If less than 60 days, 50% of the quoted fee and expenses will be owed to Sean Samson Training, LTD.

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