The 5 Reasons Selling System ©

Here’s a great question for you, do you have an actual selling system?


Forecasting and understanding what’s really happening in the field and in front of customers should be easy. A well defined, simplistic approach to selling and forecasting that delivers incredible REAL TIME results is exactly what you’ll get when utilizing our 5 Reasons Selling System ©.

Here are some serious questions to ask yourself that could help put things into perspective.

  • Do you have a proactive sales team dedicated to Owner Direct Sales?
  • Are the efforts of these sales providing your business with Predictable Recurring Revenue, Multi-Year Service Agreements and Increased Negotiated Projects?
  • Has your team been professionally trained in construction & service – small project and maintenance sales?
  • Are you currently using a Duplicable/Industry Specific Selling System, that provides ongoing immersion based coaching and support?
  • Are at least 70% of your sales professionals at or above plan?

Using our 5 Reasons Selling System © and immersion based training  you will…….

  • Close an average of 25% more business within the first 90 days of immersion
  • Effectively justify value to protect and increase agreement size and scope of work
  • Immediately improve sales funnel efficiency
  • Be able to recognize performance gains and gaps in real time using industry specific sales tools
  • Cut the ramp-up time in half on new sales professionals, while reducing turnover with your veteran sales team

“Study any successful company that fields a number of sales professionals and you will discover that the smart businesses, the ones that get it, have a well-defined, duplicable selling system.”    Sean Samson


Too often sales people and their organizations over think the actual sales process. We get wrapped up in the same old sales modules, seminars and training books that actually distract us from why customers really say no. That’s not what we do. In fact, throw them all away, because it’s all about the 5 reasons why people don’t buy. We absolutely guarantee that by utilizing our 5 Reasons Selling System © and it’s methodology, you and your organization can find the financial independence, peace of mind and the sales success you’ve been searching for all along.

Our selling system is not a series of boring sales modules, tests or questionnaires. In fact, the 5 Reasons Selling System ©, is an immersion based two phase methodology, adaptable to any business, any market, anywhere. Implemented and mastered, the results can be instantaneous and in some cases cutting the sales cycle time line by more than 50%. Delivering predictable data, pulled from daily meetings and activity based on the 5 reasons why people don’t buy has never been easier.


The selling system affords the sales manager, and sales professional a true gauge as to where a particular prospect or customer sit’s within both the sales cycle and the sales process, amazingly in real-time. Developed over 10 years ago by Sean Samson to help future proof his own business and professional development, forecasting and understanding what’s really happening in the field has never been easier.

Our training is customized to meet the needs of your organization, and built around our 5 Reasons Selling System © . Training is then reinforced afterwards for no less than a period of 12 months, to deliver the lasting impact needed for long term success. By investing in our training system, you are establishing the foundation your team and company need to help identify and replicate amazing performers. After all, what have you got to win? Contact us today and make this year your best year ever!


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